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Users who are signed in as a member of an organisation subscribed to the LG Inform Plus programme have full access to our powerful reporting tools which allow you to:

Discover local data in maps, charts and tables

See your area in a new way by easily viewing metrics displayed in maps, charts or tables. Instantly accessible and regularly updated, our widgets offer a quick glance at the data for your local area. Click 'Search' to explore the datasets.

Shed light on local determinants

Search our library to view hundreds of reports on a wide range of themes and local government services. Reports have been written by the LGA and our community to put local indicators into context. Click 'Search' and use the 'Reports' tab to view reports.

Build powerful, dynamic reports

The LG Inform Plus report writer allows you to build powerful and flexible reports combining charts and tables based on your area, and then share these reports with colleagues. Use text tokens to dynamically change content between areas. Write a report once, use it everywhere. Click 'Create' to write your own report or build embeddable maps, charts and tables.

Example reports

These publicly shared reports give you an idea of the power and flexibility of the LG Inform Plus report writer.

Subscribed authorities can see and share hundreds of reports.

create a report

Basic facts about your chosen area broken down by small areas

The demographic and socio-economic make-up of break down area types.

create a report

Basic facts about your chosen area

The demographic and socio-economic details of main area.

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Showing results relevant to select an area type


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These are the reports that you have created or are visible to you.

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To use the reports tool you need to be signed in as a member of an organisation subscribed to the LG Inform Plus programme.

The tool allows you to create your own tables, maps, and charts for breakdowns within your area.

Subscriptions to the LG Inform Plus programme help fund maintenance of the guidance and the standard lists. Your organisation may already be subscribed. If so, just sign in to access retention guidance. If not, see the subscription benefits page, which tells you how to subscribe.

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