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Users who are signed in as a member of an organisation subscribed to the LG Inform Plus programme have full access to our powerful reporting tools which allow you to:

Build powerful reports

The LG Inform Plus report writer allows you to build powerful and flexible reports combining charts and tables based on your area, and then share these reports with colleagues.

See your data on maps, charts and tables

See your area in a new way by easily building maps, charts or tables to display your data. Share these visualisations with colleagues or combine several in to a shareable report.

Write dynamic content

The LG Inform Plus text token editor allows you to build blocks of text around your content that automatically updates based on latest available data and the area selected. Write a report once, use it everywhere.

Example reports

These publicly shared reports give you an idea of the power and flexibility of the LG Inform Plus report writer.

Subscribed authorities can see and share hundreds of reports.

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Basic facts about Peterborough by Ward

The demographic and socio-economic make-up of Wards.

create a report

Basic facts about Peterborough Unitary

The demographic and socio-economic details of Peterborough.

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